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First-class industrial vacuum forming machines from our company rightfully occupy high positions. We are focused on the optimal segment for the client. With thermoforming equipment from MACHINETIC you get a professional machine without overpaying for extra options and brand. We compete with industry leaders and have implemented all the main options from companies such as GEISS, CMS, TOOLS FACTORY, CANNON SHELLEY, FORMECH.

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MACHINETIC: vacuum forming machine PRO series

About company MACHINETIC

Today MACHINETIC is a young but ambitious enterprise. About 70 professionals are constantly involved in the company. We strive to become the best in the production of vacuum forming machines for sheet plastic. All equipment is made on the basis of well-developed design documentation. The company has a development department. A staff of qualified engineers are constantly working to improve the machines and constructive. Nodes that are under load are mathematically designed for long-term work. Our company has first-class engineers who have been trained in programming the SIEMENS and DELTA systems. We are constantly improving our technical skills and business management methods.

Some of our customers:

You should work us

You are safe with us

We always carry out our business tasks. Working with us you can not worry about the result.


Industrial approach to production

Vacuum forming equipment MACHINETIC is a professional and industrial machine. We constantly carry out the process of improvement.


Lowest prices on industrial machines

We try to find a balance between price and quality. Today, our equipment has a lower cost compared to its European counterparts.


CE certificate

Machines supplied to Europe are certified for compliance with the euro standards.


12 months warranty

All equipment is guaranteed for 12 months. Optionally it is possible to order an extended warranty up to 36 months.


We speak English, Russian and Ukrainian.

We will always understand each other. If you need a first control panel in your language - no problem.


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catalog vacuum forming machines
PRO - series
MACHINETIC: vacuum forming machine PRO series
manual / semi-automatic / automatic mode
plastic forming up to 16 mm
forming field up to 3000 * 2000 mm
for products of any complexity
SMP - series
MACHINETIC: vacuum forming machine SMP series
manual / semi-automatic mode
plastic forming up to 6 mm
forming field up to 3000 * 2000 mm
for products of simple and medium complexity
MACHINETIC: desktop vacuum forming machine SMARTform 450
plastic forming up to 6 mm
forming field up to 450 * 450 mm
for products of simple and medium complexity

Take a look at the finished products

We have gained a lot of experience in the production of products by vacuum forming. We are practicing molders and are constantly improving in this direction. We mold our own vacuum forming machines, which allows us to continuously improve equipment and quickly eliminate errors and mistakes. A large design department and qualified engineering staff make it possible to solve any client's problems. Below are some of the vacuum forming tasks that we have solved for our customers. This may be simple promotional materials, and may be high-end casing for technical products.