vacuum forming machine in Europe
vacuum forming machine in Europe

Vacuum Forming Machine


for industrial use
maximum options
balanced cost
for products of any complexity
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motorized mechanics
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Vacuum forming machine PRO - series

Vacuum forming machine PRO - series, this is the best choice for most medium and large companies. The machine is designed for round-the-clock operation and has all the main and additional options for a high-quality result. The high degree of automation of the machine eliminates the human factor. The vacuum forming machine PRO - series used high-quality components and introduced advanced engineering solutions.

An important aspect of the industrial vacuum forming equipment is to reduce the influence of the human factor on the forming process. The PRO - series has a number of options that can reduce the factor of low qualification of employees. It is also faster to start the forming process and reduce the number of defective products, increasing the stability of output. Our team is constantly working on technical improvements to the equipment and takes into account the user experience of customers. We preach an individual approach and can offer a number of individual solutions.

The main advantage of the PRO - series is the ability to qualitatively mold the most complex products
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Main technical parameters


Forming area, mm
from 620*600 to 2940*1940
Max depth of draw, mm
from 400 to 1200
Max material thickness, mm
to 14
Single phase power requirements
Power consumption
from 20 to 300 kW

Extra options


Heating drive
Table drive
pneumatics / servo
Clamping frame drive
pneumatics / servo
operator panel
Formed material
PVC, PETG, ABS, PS, etc.



7-10 inch LCD operator panel
Pre stretching plastic
Reducing windows
Power adjustment
each heater
Mold ventilation
Table speed
up to 30 additional options
Vacuum forming machine PRO
Industrial vacuum forming machine PRO
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