vacuum forming machine in Europe
vacuum forming machine in Europe

Vacuum forming services in EU

Forming of plastic

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Vacuum forming services in Europe

Vacuum forming plastic - it is the most adaptable and economical way to produce quality plastic parts for a wide range of applications. Combined with a highly professional design and development process, carefully selected materials, the results compare favorably with any other method of manufacturing plastic products.

As vacuum forming specialists, the MACHINETIC team takes their responsibility to customers very seriously. We work with manufacturers and packaging companies from the automotive, entertainment, medical, electronics and many other industries. Each of our clients counts on us to remain at the forefront of the industry to deliver the optimal product, both in terms of professionalism and value for money. To this end, we pursue a policy of continuous innovation and development, constantly investing in our own equipment and vacuum forming methods. This justification allows us to successfully complete vacuum forming projects for European companies

The main advantage of the MACHINETIC company is the expertise in the field of plastic forming.
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Main production facilities


Vacuum forming machine
up to 3000 * 2000 mm
CNC Milling machines
up to 3050 * 2050 mm
Processing / trimming
in 3 and 5 axes
Sheet thickness
up to 10 mm

Vacuum forming services in Europe

Thermoforming plastic - it is a powerful tool that can be easily adapted to your technical needs. Vacuum formed products can be produced quickly, economically and with a variety of properties, including different types of plastics in different colors and textures, some of which are UV and chemical resistant, if necessary. Our company provides services of vacuum forming of acrylic (plexiglass), ABS plastic, polycarbonate, pvc plastic, HDPE, etc. Send us a request and our specialists will give you the best conditions for cooperation.

Vacuum forming services in Europe
Vacuum thermoforming plastic
Vacuum forming Acrylic plastic