vacuum forming machine in Europe
vacuum forming machine in Europe

Manual Vacuum Thermoforming Machine


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Manual vacuum thermoforming machine LITE - series

Manual vacuum thermoforming machine LITE SERIES is the best choice for a quick start in vacuum forming. The machine design is as simple as possible with the basic options available. At the same time the customer receives an industrial implementation of all the basic components of the machine. The LITE series manual vacuum forming machine is equipped with infrared quartz heaters, an industrial vacuum system and quality mechanics. This is the most economical series with the shortest payback period. If you want to learn how to form or make simple products, the LITE SERIES is your reliable choice. Total in the LITE series has 12 models of equipment with a working field of 626 * 600 mm to 2940 * 1940 mm. Send us a request for more information.

The main advantage of the LITE series manual vacuum forming machine is its minimal price and industrial design.
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Main technical parameters


Forming area, mm
from 660 * 600 to 2940 * 1940
Max depth of draw, mm
300 / 500
Max material thickness, mm
to 6
Single phase power requirements
Power consumption
from 13 to 152 kW

Extra options


Heating drive
manual / electromechanical
Table drive
Clamping frame drive
manual / pneumatics
LCD operator panel
Formed material
PVC, PETG, ABS, PS, etc.



Operator panel
LCD 4,3'' / 7'' and mechanical buttons
Reducing windows
Power adjustment
5 - 50 zones
Mold ventilation
50 - 500l and valve system