vacuum forming machine in Europe
vacuum forming machine in Europe

Cold Galvanizing Compound

cold galvanizing paint

anticorrosion coating of metal
simple use
10-25 years warranty
quick drying
simple surface preparation
coating of any metal construction
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Cold galvanizing compound from | MACHINETIC

Cold galvanizing compound PROTECT POINT™ – it is an industrial high-quality product, a one-component liquid composition (completely ready for use), consists of electrolytic zinc with a purity 95-97%, alkyd modified acrylic resin, volatiles and binders. Liquid Zinc coating is a uniform layer of a thin film of zinc and a polymer binder. Zinc in cold galvanizing paint is a protected active zinc, which significantly affects the protective characteristics of the coating.

The composition may be applicable for coating:

  • Quay cranes and port structures
  • Oil tanks, oil pipelines, oil storage
  • Hydro facilities, energy facilities
  • Industrial and civil engineering
  • Bridge supports and floors
  • Metal structures, channels, beams, fittings
  • Objects and elements of railways and roads
  • Fences, road fences
  • Pipelines, tanks (including for water)
  • River, sea and land transport
  • Cell towers, power transmission towers

Thanks to organic binders, Liquid Zinc has other special properties. The coating is not harder than the metal on which it is applied. Liquid Zinc coating withstands mechanical deformation and is moderately resistant to abrasion. Liquid Zinc is easy to reapply, as each subsequent layer of Liquid Zinc blends perfectly with the previous. All additional layers are mixed into one continuous layer of Liquid Zinc. Cold galvanizing compound Z96 is an original and unique patented brand of its kind.

The main advantage of cold galvanizing paint in simple application and high reliability of anti-corrosion composition!
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Main technical parameters


Product brand
Product name
gray or dark gray
dull and darkens over time
not required
Shelf life
in closed containers not limited
solvent (5% - 10%) if necessary
Application area
for coating iron


Base materials (liquid content)
zinc paste, acrylic alkyd copolymer
Viscometer viscosity
60-80 s, 4 mm, 20 ° C
Specific gravity
2.9 - 3.0 g / ml
Zinc (dust) in its dry film
Theoretical coverage
250 g / m2 with a coating thickness of 40 microns.
Temperature stability
from - 60 to + 160 ° C
Full drying
48 hours